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SOCI 2150

Categories of situations: Two or more co presents sharing the same time and space, aware of each other, each other co present and aware of mutual servalence using the naked senses Engaging in an on going servalence Uses senses to detect other people and what their doing, making judgments about the, draw conclusions Demonstrating social awareness Read cocktail waitress 1. Situated activity - Most basic type of situation - As in any situation -2+ time, space; co-presents waiting; out of rain; hanging; getting some air mingling, usually without commingling; unlikely to change form, though not impossible may be a common purpose: bus; or not: social: embodied, silent, roles, statuses Noticing, sensing, experiencing co-presents Often inadvertent – blank stare, corner eye No motivation to engage – civil inattention If changes form typically changes to a gathering; needs a trigger (occasion less likely to evolve) trigger often a routine – waiting for bus, class (same time place, personal-to- social purpose) Locations Bus stop, coffee line, shop, dog park, movie, concert ect. 2. Gathering **use for paper talk about and define gathering if relates to quote ( 2+ time, space, co-presents) Embodied noticing activity; routine presence (eg. Same situation, co-presents daily, weekly) Perhaps a polite, perfunctory greeting, response may be planned: informal get together: roles spontaneous: strike up a conversation, comment Acknowledgment: verbal, silent nodded greeting; “some line up?”, scowl,
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