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Carleton University
SOCI 2150
George Pollard

Take Home Exam Fall 2011SOCI 2150 A100095056Carleton UniversitySOCI 2150AFinal Takehome Examination Fall 201121 December 2011Psychology is the clay sociology is the potter and life is the kiln Philosophy on the other hand is the stokerPage 1 of 13Take Home Exam Fall 2011SOCI 2150 A100095056PART I 10 MarksSituationA situation is when two or more people are copresent and occupy the same space time and location within a public realm using naked senses to have mutual surveillance If mutual surveillance isnt made then there is no situation The copresences share a common social ndconscious and situational perception Situations are often cyclic in nature and begin when the 2 ndperson becomes copresent and ends when the 2 last person leaves Everyone who enters is part of the situationSociationSociation refers to the mode or process of social interaction the degree and type of interaction within a group It is a decision that leads to an actionwhat is expected of meThese sociative decisions are built on information and as such leads to a sociative response that fits the situation They are one of the more finely grained social processes that tie the whole of the social unit together with one another and to society in general PART IISocial disclosure statusdecorumSocial DisclosureSocial disclosure refers to an individual or group providing an account activities or behaviours to all those affected by their actions It is not limited to individuals or social groups but may extend to social legal political and economic organizations It may be exhibited in the public realm patriarchal realm such as churches or corporations or restricted to the private realm such as family members or closed corporate board rooms Page 2 of 13
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