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Chapter 3 Social Study GuideSocial Cognition how people think about themselves and the social world more specifically how people select interpret remember and use social information to make judgement and decisionsTo understand how people think about the social world and how accucrate their impressions are likely to be one needs to distinguish between two different kinds of social cognition One kind is quick and automatic other times we pause and think about ourselves and the environmentcontrolled thinking more effortful and deliberateOn Automatic Pilot Low Effort ThinkingPeople typically size up a new situation very quickly Automatic thinking is thinking that is unconscious unintentional involuntary and effortlessPeople as everyday theorists Automatic thinking with schemasAutomatic thinking helps us understand new situations by relating them to our prior experiencesWhen we meet someone new we dont start from scratch to figure out what he or she is like we categorize the person as like my cousin Helen People use schemas which are mental structures people use to organize their knowledge about the social world around themes or subjects and that influence the information people notice think about and remember There is evidence that information relevant to a particular schema is processed more quickly than information unrelated to itStudents in Quebec were asked to rate the characteristics of various groups Participants were faster when rating the stereotypical characteristics of each group such as saying men are rugged impatient and talkative rather than men are irreligious artistic and impoliteGiven a label we fill in the blanks with all kinds of schemaconsistent informationStereotypes about race and weaponsThere was a study done where people were tested to see if their stereotypes about African Americans can influence their perception of whether a person is holding a weapon Nonblack college students saw pairs of pictures in rapid successions on a computer screen The picture was always of a face whereas the second picture was of either a tool or a gun Participants were told to pay attention to only the second picture and to press one key as rapidly and accurately as possible if it was a tool and another key if it was a gunHalf of the faces were of whites and other half were of blacks Did the race influences peoples perceptions of whether they saw a gun or a tool People were more likely to misidentify a tool as a gun when it was preceded by a black face They also did this test with the police shooting game
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