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Carleton University
SOCI 2150

SOCI 2150ASept 25 20125 basic norms of a public realm actionguide how we act how we fill in the blanks script 1Cooperative movementHow we get aroundIntentionally avoid bumping into peopleAll kinds of motions to avoidGoal successful contactavoidance How size up circumstancesoptions act Sociation is successful when nothing happensNormative Preference Example subservientAround not through groups of peopleIf we must make self small say sorryexcuse meSpecial script people must also do something specialSocialized to go around thingsAmericans usually go towards the right normalized2Civil InattentionMutual noticing among copresents essential ex sitting on a bus and staring at peopleExpected in public realm expected to be seenYet normative constraints on mutual noticing not disattention simply normative disinterestIf anormative arouses special curiosity intent creepyPracticed in every realm on buses restaurants bars sidewalks physician dentist hospitalForms of disinterested noticing expressionless face blank fleeting stareNoninvitational ritual regard avoids overload polite not social shut down know how to actreactConsequencescopresence without comingling awareness but no engagement or direct contact courtesy unspoken without direct contactDecorum is remained
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