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Situation ContinuedOctober 7th 2013 Situation when two are more copresents sharing same time and spaceare aware of each others presenceends with one copresent leavesengage in mutual surveillance using the naked sensesintentional verbal acts are necessaryWhat Does That Meanwe need to be engaged in ongoing surveillance with ppl around uswe use our senses for thatbeside the senses what else does the definition of a situation meanyou cannot be alone in the public realminfluenceconsequencesdemonstrate your social competence while traversing through the social public realmCategories of Situationscocktail waitress has two1 Situated Activity most basic type of situationas in any situation 2 time space copresentswaiting out of rain hangin getting some airmingling without mingling no need for intentional contact if so inappropriate old lady sharing life story usually without comminglingunlikely to change form though not impossiblemay be a common purpose riding the busare always social embodied whether you make any inuntentional acts silent has roles statuses step into a bus shelter to get out of rain if youre at opening you have a higher standard bc you have first control of escape hatch statuses always attached to rolesnoticing sensing experiencing copresentsoften inadvertent blank stare noticing with the eyeno motivation to engage civil inattentionif changes formtypically changes to a gathering and needs a triggerevolve to an occasion less likely to evolvetrigger often a routine waiting for bus classdoing something same thing every day same place same time what you may discover is you see the same faces at same timemay start a convo someone drops something you pick it upconvotrigger same time place personaltosocial purpose
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