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SOCI 2150 Week 2 September 16 2013Social Realms see Albert Hunter in Challenge of Social Control Able pp 230242 Jackson et al 2011 chapter 2Culture is the highest unit of analysis that we can use Culture is flexible fluid vague Second change Ex Computer societyWithin society there is three divisions they are called realms 1Private2Parochial 3Public They are defined by social intimacy and social disclosure Social intimacy it comes from close emotion permanent bonds or ties and affliction It requires a very strong sense of dependency Social intimacy leads to disclosure Social disclosure act of revealing information about yourself that anther or someone else would not otherwise know factually Ie While a can tell b about c all kinds of rumors thats a different kind of social disclosure Only c can tell b factually Relationships require disclosure and not a whole lot of blurting stuff out Otherwise the relationship goes flat Private realm comprised of small family kin close friends Tight reliable group that has social intimacy and social disclosure Made up of infinite number of small groups oSympathy group studies how many people in your life whom death would directly affect your life 1215 people As you get older they sympathy group ends to shrink There are about 12 million sympathy groups in Canada Parochial realm it is not well understood just beginning to get some research on this Gets kind of lost transition zone Ie You sitting on the bus going from home to school Some suggestion somewhere that church might be where individual meets society Parochial meaning neither public nor private Commonality some sense of community Secondary groups acquaintances neighbours et Little social intimacy and almost no social disclosure Hunter is the first one to get into what these realms are he only really talked about private vs public Public realm any open location which is populated with strangers may not all be strangers notion of people you dont know Almost any public area Areas ticketed for control sidewalks busses parks restaurants and concerts maintains group control to keep the number of people down o Co presents unknown or known categorically Treat people categorically males or females role barista actions service oThe notion of being a stranger oA different kind of social intimacy the intimacy is in the contact There is contact there is exchange its mostly silent HuntingGathering bandsoPrivate realm maybe some parochial no public realm 1024 members permanent for lifetime Tribes tribal unitsoPrivate increasing parochial contact Up to 160ish members Dunbar research mesh realms Villages and towns oStart to get intersections of all the realms public realm starts to appear Upto a few 1000 members Carmella Pagyalary Talked about gays and how since the beginning of village life they had to sneak around a night in order to meet other gays to have sex with Were not allowed to be open about itearly evidence of how villages and towns began to have public realmsCityoPrivate parochial public realms Coexist areas definable by realm home church streets Largest groups open ended in terms of size Canadian and American CitiesoHave much less private realm and more public realms Europe has public realm everywhere and here it is much more privateoMix private and public dramatically in AmericaoExample In Montreal there is more public realm than Ottawa tho18 century London women were restricted to the private realm were not to come without a male chaperon Public realms are the focus of this course it is anywhere you go and expect to be seen The purpose of public realm to create order decency politeness not chaotic Cant be a whole lot of social intimacy or verbal social disclosure When were in the private realm is affliction our sympathy group Social intimacy is order no one really bothers you in the public realm The decorum of intimacy safety secure passage reciprocation Decorum means being street smartoAvoid trouble move freely without incidentPublic realm metaphorical Consequence of decorum Public realmfluid patterned action orderly momentarymeaningful meetings Public realm is loaded with social mysteries Walking the streetsoMichael Wolff did research about pedestrian contact while walking on the streetoChoreographic metaphors pedestrians akin to ballet dancers oPerformance stepaslide
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