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Carleton University
SOCI 2445
Darryl Davies

Research and deviance Why do people kill? - Use the different theories to answer this question - Different criminologist use different theories External strengths theory: Andrew Henry and James Short - Some will be restrained internally and others will be external restraints from society - This tells you how some control their impulses • Not just homicide but also suicide - Sometimes victims of their own demise - Victim participated and non-victim participated • These two types reveal themselves to him • Victim - Victim was the first one to use force and use a weapon – ex. Spouse attaches and the other spouse uses knife • Non-victim – stranger attaches someone in a park – aggressor/offender launched the assault - One way of looking at victimization Research - First select and define research - Literature review – previous research knowledge that can inform about the problem • You need to do a lot of research to show you understand and can present the information in your paper – based on evidence - You have to admit your biases right from the start - Tell what you could find/do and what you couldn’t do • 100 yrs of locking people up has proven to do nothing – and there is no resources that have been made available to prove it resolve problems - Formula a hypothesis - Variables – independent (causes) & dependent (effect) - Empirical research is forming a relationship - Research design – what is the methodology • Experiment - Draw conclusions and presents findings - Goes for peer review - You can write articles as long as you have evidence - Surveys, field research, experiments or look at secondary data • When doing research ask, why is or does this happen? 1 Jan 2, 1981 Sgt. Bob Ring and Partner (VIDEO) - On the looking out for the “Yorkshire Ripper” - Preyed on prostitutes – carried a hammer, and would kills and then stabbed the women - Peter Saucliff – was taken in for questioning • 33 page confession • He looked just like anyone else - Until 1975 – working class and attended pubs and was functioning well - But rage and anger built up inside this individuals • Victims of his were considered throw-aways in society - Driving along – he picked up a girl who was hitching to go home with her 4 children. • When Ring paid her and proceeded to engage in sex he could not perform  When she mocked him he built with rage and attached her  Once he discovered he could get away with that he continued to do these acts of violence • He was not crazy, he was plain and simple, un-noticed in society • He was from a prosperous family – with a father who ruled his family with an iron fist - He showed little interest in sports and girls like other children/youth his age - He was timid and intelligent – therefore he was bullied and he began missing school - At 15 yrs he quit school and starting working as a grave digger - He had a bazaar interest in corpse, would be violent toward the deceased bodies - 1969 – had a relationship with a girl that went bad because she was unfaithful • This was the turning point when he began to get violent towards them • Although he was violent towards these women he never laid a hand on his wife and he was very gentle towards her - He stifled his violent urges for a while because of a run-in with the law • Despite his wife’s infidelity they married anyways - He drove to the red light district and invited Emily Jackson in the car – he killed her, he returned home and this time was not panicked - McCan – was the next victim - 1976 he had already killed 2 prostitutes - The women were not anyone he was connected to... just something he wanted to get rid of - Police were biased against prostitute women – therefore did not depend on their evidences given in d
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