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SOCI 2445
Darryl Davies

Physical violence - When you have a position on something – write a paper on, do the research and then you can hold your position on the topic - Ex. Major implications in reference drug addicts – Supreme Court of Canada (9 judges) gave the decision to judge in favour of because the insights were up to the province, because health is provincial and the federal gov’t controls drug laws it had to go through the courts. - We send people to prison for punishment – not as punishment so they can be rehabilitated and are not a threat to society. - You need to have supports to provide people when they get out of prison. • Be informed to eliminate all the Myths • Ex. There is evidence that the most homicides happen over holidays and with family - Ask questions, what is it based on, what is the evidence, implications, and consequences and benefits. Assault and Aggravated Assault – in book readings - Most killings are by males, however women are starting to catch up • Although the types of crimes women commit are different then men’s • Women have some of the same stresses • More women that are standing up against – violence • We need to be careful because the news media changes the facts - Men do not kill as much as they used to because of infidelity - Rates of homicide are higher from 1 and 6 in the morning - Now women are killing each other because of guys – beating a woman up because they are jealous – things are changing - Women differ in choice of victim Causes in homicide - Increase in teen homicide involving guns and knives • A lot of dysfunctional families – looking at the conditions of the children’s home environment • Look at a family that is considered reasonably normal – we learn that sometimes on the surface people have an interpretation on the circumstance and see their family as doing well.  When you go and see these families you see something different but it is often after something very serious happening  Such as bullying, violence, drug abuse ect.. and the parents have no idea  We need to help teachers and parents learn to recognize things like bullying and to find a way of dealing with so the youth/teen does not lash out from the hurt  If it is ignored it is at a cost to society and the victims 1 Documentary: The killer at Thurston High Frontline - Kip killed his parents before going to the school and opening firing on students - People saw nothing remarkable - There were signs though - Lived in a house in the woods by the water- like going home to a retreat - Held back from school while his friends moved on in school • He was angry at his parents because of that • He would get his 3 and E confused and he was really frustrating • He could not understand why he was like that and it bothered him that he was diagnosed with dyslexia • Kip tried to keep up at home and in school – he felt compared to his sister • His sister left for college and Kip was left behind • She felt like a mediator between Kip and her parents - and conflict increased with her gone • He would talk about being hurt in school and having to be alert • He enrolled in martial arts – because he wanted to protect himself • Because he was a disappointment to parents he felt bad • He began to hand out with the rough crowd – he would steal, get into trouble, • His parents were upset and they decided to let him spend time online – internet in his room and in the search they found his frequent visits to porn sites, music (No forgiveness, no salvation) • He became fascinated with explosives – began making booms • He additionally was interested in “Guns”  His parents were very concerned about his interest in guns and they would not allow him
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