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SOCI 2445
Darryl Davies

Family abuse Deviant Behaviour – Family Violence - 80% of all sexual assaults happen within the family or home - Because this happens in the family there is a low report rate - We have a trust in certain institutions that can result in putting people at risk of abuse - We do not either recognize it, do not talk about it or do not take action to stop - There is no strategic plan in place to protect and deal with these forms of violence - The failings we have in the home environment are the same failings we see in other institutions or environment – such as schools, clubs, church, etc... Myths about family violence - Such as only those of low economic level – but there is evidence that is not significant different for those of middle to upper class - Not all people abused go on to be abusers - When we are looking at evidence – we need to do a number of empirical studies and present the information - Alot of the time when there is domestic violence issues the spouses will stay together - Sometimes victims are trapped in the family home and it is hidden - Book – “scream quietly or the neighbours will hear” - When you put all this into perspective it can change your point of view - Not all crime is on the street – often it is in the home - Deviant behaviour in the family home is often sexual abuse and/or physical abuse Labelling Theory - These labels allows society to do things to people that at times inhuman and horrific things - Being deviant in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with it – it is how we as a society respond to it Family violence - Alcohol and drugs pay a role - Drug problems are really within the family - Some of the worst offenders as respect to drug use are people such as Doctors, Pharmacists, - because they have access – therefore the temptation is there--- although they are often not changed - To illustrate crimes years ago they used sketching of the actual crime scene and details - 14% marital rape - 2% elder abuse - Majority of rapes does not actually involve to intercourse 1 First Nations Community - Incest is rapid – because there is little room for people to sleep - Males do not report spousal abuse very often Why do battered wives not leave - No place to go – lack of economic resources, income, education - Concerned about the abuse of the animal - Concerned with abuse of the children - No housing, tied to the relationship due to lack of resources Children who experience abuse is often sexual and physical - Violence in the family home – see the wife as being beaten by the man • The male child picks it up and continues the cycle • However females pick this up as well and will marry someone who is also an abuse male Clifford Olsen was a good father and never hurt his own children - Incest rates – prevalent in middle, lower and upper class - Parents are physically abusing their children – seen as part of the domestic violence - There is nothing in Canada that supports families and they are our future – i.e. govt legislation, polices and resources Clip: Interrogation techniques used by police that are suspects – what is deviant in these? - David Nilgard – 20 year sentence – labelled as the worse wrongful conviction in the country - Trying to solve group problems – police target you like they did with David and you are discriminated against and they label you and can do whatever they want - Says he has behaviour problems and trouble maker - Made fun of him – suggesting he is a queer, ferry, hippy - David asks what the interrogation was all about – the detective said “sex, drugs and rockin roll” - Gail Miller – victim • David said, it was not his type • Then they showed him a picture of the victim dead • David asked for a cigarette – and took one for later – he was not taking it seriously • The Detective attached him and threatened him – scare him and intimidated him - The car broke down and the two guys went to get cables – when they did the girl with them stayed in the car • They took his hair and spit for DNA– on the snow by the body they took a sample of what they thought was semen but it was yellow dog urine 2 • David starts to tell them what happened - There car was in the alley by where she as killed – he was deemed guilty before the investigation - They made him take off his clothes – saying they want to check him for scares, bruises, evidence, etc... - After he was naked the investigator told him he was under arrest for Gale’s murder - Larry Fisher was the person who actually killed Gail – it took over 22 yrs to convict him • When the wife went in to tell the police they told her they already had the person and would not listen to her about him cleaning the knife he used to kill her Interrogation of Russell Williams - You do not need brood force in policing to accomplish your goal of a conviction - 2 murders, 2 sexual assaults and 82 break and entries - Used his military position to commit the crimes - They said you are being interviewed by the police department - They first stated they wanted to make him aware of what they were doing first • They first told him that there is a connection between him and the 4 cases • They asked if there is anything in his pass that they would know about – he told them no .. it would be very boring • He asked if they can be discrete because it would impact the his base • They asked him about the connection of his tire tracks and his boots matching the evidence they have • The investigator showed him the foot print impression – and the match between his boots and the imprint
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