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SOCI 2445
Darryl Davies

Police deviance Police deviance - There have been several cases – • Docked pay when an officer used the office for doing a strip tease where he took his clothing off and took pictures (Sgt Matthews) • Storage of porn work his computer and transferring pictures to his partner • He works in the explosive disposable and technology section – he lost 10 days pay - OPP on the weekend • Incident where one officer took out a taser in retaliation during an argument with another officer - Gatineau police shooting of cows last week and stating they were a danger to the public The difference between general public and police - They are entrusted with policing acts – behaviors they can and cannot do - They are regulated by this act and need to follow what the law says - RCMP are contract police force and are contracted in - OPP are governed by policing statue provincially - Police act of Ontario, criminal code of conduct – set the behaviour - There are a total of 5 lawsuits against the Ottawa police services • Each and everyone one is has not resulted in a conviction – none of them made as they were all dismissed • The result is the high cost of the court fees – and there is nothing to show for it - Manitoba RCMP officer – convicted for beating a handcuffed man - He suggests if you see something happening – take a video tape of it - Ex. Polish man – coming into the country and could not speak English. Officers were called and they tasered him and he died. In the inquiry the officers lied in court. • Robert Dziekański Taser incident – see Utube for video- tasered to death by Vancouver RCMP - - Work view assessment - desk audit – job description • Using a list of criteria and evaluate it - In criminology – there are fact research done on police work • 90% of policing work is order maintenance policing such as, directing traffic, B & E, community work, dispute resolution, report writing and taking, public contact • 10% -The rest is related to law enforcement - Yet the police do not get these public relation skills - Most of the training is in firearm competence, physical fitness, ect... 1 - Most officers throughout their career will tell you they did not pull their gun even once – and that is because of their use of communication and language used. - You cannot be verbally abusive to public or other police officers – because they took an oath of office - Most of police work is writing the reports - Documentary – “Secrete Policing” true story Documentary – “Mr. Big”- Mistaken Identity- - This is a documentary that looks at the role of how things can go bad. - It has not yet been resolved • Police set up a sting operation – “Mr. Big” – to get people who they have no evidence to prove it.. so they set them up - July 1987 – working on a fishing boat – and impoverished - Barry Bennett – crime boss was not going alone but a tall skinny guy was joining him - Boat returns to the harbour but there was no sign of that second man -
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