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Carleton University
SOCI 2445
Darryl Davies

Documentary W5 – CTV – victims of violence Attach from a Police Officer – COP OUT City of Victoria – post card image is getting battered - Witnesses are shocked by officers kicking a man - Archard was out for a night on the town – • People in white shirts were being kicked out of the bar • These people went after him and beat him • The police went after him and began to beat him for not complying right away • Incident shakened family trust in police • Police are investigating the innocents – they found there was no excessive force • Calgary police dept found that the excessive force was unnecessary - For the chief the officer was exonerated but for the lawyer is was not Another case - May 2005 – Kinlock – hog tied her in the cell and left her like that for 4 hours - BC commission – asked for a reinvestigation of the officers – refusal McKay – officer cracked his skull - He was taken into custody because he was out celebrating his end of school year - Officers actions cost city millions in out of court settlement - Officer stated he should be commended for this actions and not being pulled through the shitter BC has gained a reputation for police scandals – - Police are unable to find anything wrong when investigating themselves - Some support police investigation for police provided it is not of serious nature Shoved a young girl who was walking and had cerebral palsy and accidently bumped them and they shoved her - Govt took action and started an enquiry, however the information was not supplied - Former police officers were chosen for heading the enquiry - They are doing some of the ground work – and contracted in supply documentation - Just days after Tyler Archard was kicked an investigation was started - It was apparent there was protection of police officers over those of the common citizen, at any cost..!! - Most criminal activity occurs after midnight Sexual Harassment in the RCMP 2011-11-07 CBC News – Cpl. C. Galliford - One of BCs highest profile officers is making allegations that she was sexual harassed on the job - Catherine Galliford – was asked to sit on her bosses knee 1 - Sexual advancements from senior officers - Lied to colleagues saying they were intimate – exposed his penis - Trying to have sex with her - RCMP was taking her on investigations – saying she was a partner • She has been off work for 4 yrs, PTSD, chemical dependency, and other issues • None of this is from her work as an officer but is from the harassment - There is not a female police officer who has not experienced sexual harassment 2011-11-09 - CBC News – Const. Krista Carle - Krista was diagnosed with PTSD - When she spoke out against the harassment it was diminished - Late 90s sexual harassment resulted in charges and but no real consequences - Abuse sick leave to get rid of complai
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