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SOCI 2445

SOCI2445Sociology of Deviance Study NotesIntroduction LectureDemonological Explanations Deviant behaviour was thought to be because of possession DemonologySorcery witchcraft etc Deviance Anyone who has a physical defect 1Statistical Definitions Minoritiesdeviant Because the majority is the norm2Pathological Behaviour DiseasesEmile Durkheim viewed crime this wayWhen the rate of crime exceeds the states capacity to control it it goes from normal to deviant 3Deviance as Relativistic BehaviourRule breaking4Deviance as dangerous behaviourSeen as a threat to society Ex serial killerIf you act deviance people will leave you alone a defense mechanism Deviance can be Positive The way we respond to deviant behaviour varies over time Different things considered deviantDeviance depends onWho commits the crimeWho the victim was Rules are only enforced when there are certain consequences Very retroactive someone has to complain Latent over time Functions of Deviance1Deviance clarifies rules when someone challenges the status quo Ex Woman walked down the street without a brashirt on in Guelph now this is legal2Deviance maintains social rules When rules are challenged and we fight for them3Provides Solidarity and Cohesiveness4Provides an occasion to celebrate social rules5Boundary maintenance of status quo6Challenges validity of rules 7Elicits unwanted attention from authority agents of social control 8Scapegoating 9Raises the value of conformity When you see consequences 10Early warning system Ex Gangs being formed in your neighbourhood What is a normThe majority statisticalSo norms can changeNegative implications of deviance1Demarcation Isolation from other people due to your devianceExcluded from society or your profession sport etc 2Deviants are often viewed as being morally inferior3Deviancean essentializing labelTakes on characteristics of the labelSelffulfilling prophecy Readings for Lecture 2 Chapter 1The Positivist Perspective objectivists absolutist normative determinist and essentialist 1Assumptions 1 Deviance is absolutely realDeviance is realDeviants possess qualities that distinguish them Deviant behaviour about the individual ex biological traits Mental characteristics Will be deviant no matter what country they are inTODAY They understand what is considered deviant differs ex polygamy Still an inward things Ex Calling a mental illness lunacy does cause it Labels dont CAUSE deviance 2Assumption 2 Objectivism Deviance as an observable object Positivists study deviance like scientists study nature3Assumption 3 DeterminismDeviance as determined behaviourForces beyond their controlEarly positivistic sociologists thought humans had no free willNow they say that they have free will but many other thingsfactors affect their decisions The Constructionist Perspective 1Assumption 1 RelativismDeviance as a labelNo label means no deviance Socially constructed defined by society2Assumption 2 Subjectivism
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