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Sociology of Deviance What is deviant behaviourSomething that deviates from the social normDemonological explanationspeople who are seduced by evil and are possessed by spirits sorcery witchcraft etcPhysiological DevianceAnyone who has a physiological or physical defectStatistical definition of deviancelooking at deviance with numbersEx the majority of society is usually the normPathological BehaviourPresence of disease every society experiences crime therefore it is normalDeviance as relativistic behaviourrule breaking within a group club etcDeviance as dangerous behaviourpeople will be perceived as either harmless or dangerous Behaviour influences such thoughtsLatent Functions1 the way we respond to deviant behaviour varies over time Ex smoking a cigar while teachingaccepted years ago though no longer accepted today2 Depends who commits the act and who is harmed by it3 Rules are only enforced when there are certain consequences Enforcement is only introduced when there is complaining Deviance makes clear of what are social rulesDeviance maintains social rulesDeviance modifies social rulesDeviance reinforces social rulesDeviance provides solidarity and cohesivenessDeviance provides unity ex Cheering for the same teamDeviance challenges validityDeviance provides a safety belt Deviance raises the act of conformityScapegoatinga person who is used to place blame on and therefore deflect attentionThe media manufacture devianceDeviance is an essentializing label Arm Chair Criminologist someone who has studied the subject their whole life though have never actually had any practical experience in the field or and criminal justice employmentWeek 2 September 18th 20124 types of deviance by Becker1The conformist a person who obeys the rules2The falsely accused deviant sometime people are labelled as something but in reality there not3The secret deviant someone who nobody knows and they secretly commit deviant acts4Pure deviant disobeys the rules publicly somebody who has accepted the definition itself
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