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November 4 - Violence.docx

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Jamie Nelson Documentary from before breakAbbotsford killer DocumentaryExternal Restraint TheoryThey are ultimately restrained by the society where they live from being violentExternal restraint is much like external containmentMarvin Wolfgang studyStudied 688 homicides over a ten year periodDiscovered role of offender and victim variesOften times john doe was stabbed to death by jeff and was charged but it states somewhere that john was known to the police ie prior recordWe often think of victims as innocents but some do have recordsoMajority involves victims and offenders that basically exchange placesResult2 types of homicideovictim precipitator homicideperson initiates aggression but ends up being the one who is killedoNonvictim precipitator homicidestranger killings people dont know each otherParents who use physical punishment to deter misbehaving punishment is cyclicalPare
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