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Social Deviance - Class Notes.docx

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Carleton University
SOCI 2445

September 16Lecture 2 2240 laughSocial DevianceBehaviour changes and reaction from society changes as well Who commits the offence is significantBiases prejudices social class Knowledge is a very important aspect Knowledgeverbally psychologically intellectually to be able to deal with so many situations Knowledge of the law is important your knowledge of it can help you in so many situationsmuch better position to deal with situations than someone who doesnt know anything about lawDeviance does vary over timeClarify Social RulesDeviant classifies social rulesthey will challenge the rules Behaviour transition is changed over time and you can be labelled deviant or criminal behaviour changes and reaction of society changes Essentializing labels and effect are the labels that define you as a personDeviant Labelsessentializing characteristics they say something about the persons character They define you as a person Extend in all areas of your personalityShapes and molds you as an individualPositive characteristics deviance clarifies rulesare they going to fold or notest rules or may break them Some people will try to break laws DEVIANT BEHAVIOURDeviance provides a safety belt for peopledeviance releases tension and promotes solidarityit promotes boundary maintenance when something deviant happens it tells you how much you can push those boundaries learn from the acts of others and helps integrate into society scapegoatingraising the value of conformityDeviance is served as an early warning system that there is something wrong protection of invested interestshealth care system criminal justice system Deviance vs Criminal BehaviourCriminal offences in CCC are all devianteverything that is criminal is deviantNot all deviant acts are criminal Crime is a violation of a social norm formalized in law deviance is not formalized in lawDeviance is a violation of an informal norm Police have a huge matter of discretion
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