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SOCI 2445
Darryl Davies

MOCK EXAM1What is devianceDeviant behaviour is when people go against social norms Anyone or anything can be deviant Even being too much of a conformist can result in deviance because there is not enough diversity Not all forms of deviance are bad sometimes deviance can be a good thing If a person is labelled as deviant often they are isolated and cut off from the rest of society If you are labelled as deviant it may be perceived that you are deviant even if you are not Deviance is real in and of itself If it is not real it cannot be considered positive or negative There are 6 main ways that one may be determined to be deviant demonological deviance physiological defect deviance as a statistical measurement deviance as pathological behaviour deviance as relativistic behaviour and deviance as dangerous behaviour Demonological deviance is when people view deviant behaviour in others who conduct actions in ways which frighten them Physiological defect refers to human anatomy such as deviations in head shape eyes or deformity in the body in any way It used to be perceived that certain facial variations could explain why a person is a criminal such as jaw type hairline or facial deformities Deviance as a statistical measurement uses the examples of having red hair or being left handed makes you deviant because those are unusual and not the norm Deviance as a pathological behaviour means that deviance is a product of mental illness Having a mental illness such as schizophrenia or even an anxiety disorder makes a persondifferent so therefore they are deviant These people are deviant because they aredisvalued by society Deviance as a relativistic behaviour means that deviants are people who fail to obey group rules They are people who wish to be different by the way they dress or act Deviance as a dangerous behaviour is when people constitute a threat to others in society Some people may fear others of a different ethnicity or from a different part of town as deviant because they are afraid of them because they look or act different Committing a deviant act does not necessarily make a person deviant because sometime the act is hidden so others cannot label that person as deviant Therefore it is the label not the person that makes one deviant Examples of ways a person can be deviant are alcoholics drug users smokers Goths hipsters etc2What are Beckers 4 theoriesBeckers four theories are the falsely accused deviant conformists the secret deviant and the pure deviant The falsely accused deviant is not deviant but appears to be Conformists are if someone is the same no diversity that is deviant The secret deviant is someone of importance They are in the spotlight but behind the scenes they are deviant The pure deviant admits they are deviant 3What are the four types of suicide AnomieThe four types of suicide are anomic suicide fatalistic egotistical and altruistic Anomic suicide is when people struggle to fit in and they feel hopeless Fatalist suicides are done within gangs Egotistical suicides are caused by weak ties to social groups They have no support system Altruistic suicides are when a person sacrifices themselves for a group For example the Al Qaeda may use suicide bombers and these
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