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Criminology The study of the making breaking and reaction to breaking of the lawMaking Law building Breaking CrimeReacting enforcementCriminal LawCrime against the state or social wrongCriminal Code of Canada Specific body of rules regarding human conduct which have been promulgated by political authority which apply uniformly to all members if the cases in which the rules are applied enforced and punished by the state1Politically2Specificity 3Uniformity4Penal Sanction Penalties set in CCPlea bargaining lowers inflation disappointing in CJSCivil Tort LawCrime against an individual Private wrongCan be very general personalSources of Criminal LawSubstantive Criminal LawdefencespenaltiesProcedural Criminal Lawhow the state will deal with youMake lawsPass lawsenforce lawsModern Criminal law Statutory LawFederal Provincial MunicipalCourt decisions or common law case law ruling coming from other cases informative ruling from former decisionsAdministrative Laws applies to environment companies governing bodies ParliamentJerome Halls general purposes of Criminal Law1Before behaviour can be called criminal there must be external consequences or human because crime has an impact on social interests 2The harm must be legally forbidden and prescribed by penal law criminal code3There must be conduct that is intentional or reckless to bring harmful consequences4There must be something present criminal intentaMens Rea guilty mindbActus Reus guilty act5There must be a causal relationship between forbidden behaviour and voluntary act6There must be fair punishment for the actEvidencebased criminal justice policyPolicyGuidelines on how laws should be enforcedWhat should be asked every time any new policy is introducedDoes the evidence prove the policy works Do the findings meet scientific standardsWhat is the evidence to prove thatReplicationindependently repeated by research in order to further knowledgeBlind Reviewassessing without knowing who you are reviewingResearch must be independentvalue freeCampbell CalibrationDr Don Campbell 80 countries crime justiceBrute forcenot effective violence creates violenceDrug Abuse Resistance Education Program DAREmembers of RCMP teaching children in public schools about drug safety evidence shows it does not workCambridgeSummerville Youth Program Professional councillors helping troubled boys goal was to see if friendly advice would make a difference evidence proved to be ineffectiveKansas City prevention patrol experiment Goals 1 Maintain status quo 2 Increase patrols 3 Increase patrols in certain timesshowed no increase or decreaseSTANDARDS 1DEMANDS EMPRICIAL EVIDENCE of the effect of the policy This rules out hope faith and good thinking
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