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Technology, Society, Environment Studies
TSES 2305
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TSECLCV 2305 Christmas Examination 20122013Due date 19 Dec 2012InstructionsThisis a takehome exam It is openbook you are expected to consult the lecture notes published on WebCT andor your own notes that you made during lectures In addition you may use any sources you like for research when answering the essay question in part 2 However you must work aloneThere are two parts You must complete both parts Each part starts with instructions for completing that partthThis exam is due on or before the 19 of December 2012 Submit your completed exam through the assignment dropbox named Christmas Exam on cuLearn Note that this is in the Fall section of cuLearn We will switch to the Winter section in JanuaryI have posted this same exam paper to cuLearn in several different file formats Word ODF and plain text You may use whichever format you want when you submit your examIf you dont understand the instructions or one of the questions you may ask me about it via email I may publish my answer on cuLearn where everybody in the class can see itPart 1Short AnswersSupply one answer per blank Where multiple blanks are given for the same question multiple answers are expected Answers do not have to be in sentence form each answer may be given as a single word or a number or a short phrase Please make each answer verbose enough that I can be sure what you mean most people who lose marks on this section do so because their answer was ambiguous Also note that for purposes of this question the right answers are what the lecture notes say not what anybody else might sayThis part accounts for 50 of the total mark 50 answers at 1 per answer1Lecture 1 What was the approximate population of the Roman Empire at its peakRoman empire held between 60 and 100 million people2Lecture 1 How many spectators could the Circus Maximus seat250000 spectators3Lecture 2 What five ways of working stone were used in the Stone AgeSplittingPulverizingCuttingAbradingFlaking4Lecture 2 What techniquetechnology did people use to preserve information before their was writingBefore their was writing people used songs to preserve information
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