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Technology, Society, Environment Studies
TSES 2305
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REVIEW NOTES FOR ANCIENT SCiTHE IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER IS RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN PEOPLE AND IDEAS WHO CAME EARLIER THEN WHOM WHO WAS A STUDENT OF WHOM WHO ORIGINATED OR BUILT IDEASKNOW HOW TO READ AND WRTIE ROMAN NUMERALSLecture 13Prior to that what we call science was considered a branch of philosophy natural philosophyUse the word science to describe the process of philosophizing about natureScience in the ancient world tarts with religionMeat goes bad if left out for 3 daysfood poisoning Mythosstory about gods3 categories of myths 1 founder myths2 creation myths3 myths about natural forcesApollo has power over disease to sicken or healDivesrichpowerful peopleCold not separate from heat but absence of heat Darkness not separate from light absence of lightMortals have to act morally because they are moralimmortals can act as they wishAge of Saturn theoryearliest generations were strongest our descendants are weakest Ichor ran in immortals veins instead of blood heals wounds bring dead to life3 things that propel things to move 1 Things push on other things 2 Turning wheel 3 Things tend to seek their own level water to sea smoke to air 4 Living things initiate movementsAnything moves on its own has a spirit in it wind can change direction river change course3 types of living thingsplants animals god
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