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15 Jul 2014

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*the information needed from the first half of term (pre-midterm) is solely from lectures: sociology is an elastic discipline - sociology what & how: what: sociology is the, sociological perspective. While acknowledging that each individual is unique, The sociological imagination is a sociological vision - a. Those elements that constitute the social affect our: study of the "social" and enabling and constraining influence. How: scoiologists recognize that society acts differently on various categories of people (say children compared to adults, men vs. women, the rich as opposed to the poor). We think sociologically and we hold the sociological perspective when we realize how the general categories into which we happen to fall shape our particular life experiences. Example: we would hold the sociological perspective when we understand how being poor an a woman affects and shapes our life. The sociological perspective stresses the social contexts in which people live and how these contexts influence their lives.