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Carleton University
Systems and Computer Engineering
SYSC 3303

Question 1aYou are given the following differential equation whereis the input andis the output4723 Put this system in canonical state space form and specify the matrices A B C and DbHow would your answer to part a change if the differential equation was changed to47253 Question 2 In the system below the input currentdrives a motor withwhich in turn drives the two rotating masses connected by a rotational constant spring The output of the system is the speed of the second mass 0 IxIcVRRJ2J1CmkItmVcoemksbX X X X X X X a What is the order of the system List the state variablesbModel the following system in statespace form Clearly define the state variables that you will use and derive the system of firstorder differential equations for the system Put your final results in the standard matrix form usingas the state vector as the input andas the output tx00
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