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Systems and Computer Engineering
SYSC 3303
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Question A 20 marksGiven the following diagram1Identify each part ie all the rectangles and ovals and their contents as well as the dark shape near the left and explain the current situation 10 marks oIn the upper left is a rectangle containing t1 representing thread t1 Similarly the other rectangles represent threads t2 through t5 2 marksoNext to t1 is a lock and next to that is a rectangle representing object object1 This indicates that t1 currently has the object lock for object1 2 marksoBelow and to the left of object1 is an oval representing the blocked set of threads waiting for the lock on object1 2 marksoBelow and to the right of object1 is an oval containing the wait set of threads waiting to be notified by threads with object1s lock 2 marksoThe current situation is that t1 has object1s lock Threads t2 and t3 are waiting for the lock Threads t4 and t5 are waiting to be notified 2 marks2Explain each threads previous state current state and next state and how it transitioned or will transition between those states Note that the previous state and next state must be different from the current state 10 marksot1 4 marksprevious state either it didnt need the lock not on diagram or it was in the blocked setcurrent state has the lock and may be executingnext state either it will invoke wait give up the lock and go to the wait set or it will complete its execution and give up the lock no longer on diagramot2 and t3 3 marksprevious state either new to the diagram waiting for lock or could have been in the wait set and been notifiedcurrent state blocked waiting for the locknext state it will have the lockot4 and t5 3 marksprevious state had the lock and invoked waitcurrent state waiting to be notifiednext state in the blocked set blocked waiting for lock
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