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Question A 15 marks1One of the errors you are dealing with in your TFTP Project Iteration 3 is Illegal TFTP operation What TFTP ERROR Packet error code does this correspond to 1 mark 04 4 is ok too2List three different reasonsscenarios that would cause the server to respond to a TFTP packet arriving at port TID 69 with an ERROR packet indicating Illegal TFTP operation For each reasonscenario give an example of a good explanatory error message that could be included with the ERROR packet 6 marks 2 marks for each valid exampleo1The opcode is not 01 RRQ or 02 WRQ For example it could be 242TFTP request had opcode 24 instead of 01 RRQ or 02 WRQo1The opcode bytes first two do not correspond to digits2TFTP request packet does not have a valid opcode expecting 01 RRQ or 02 WRQo1The opcode is missing2TFTP request has no opcode expecting 01 RRQ or 02 WRQo1The filename is missing Note that at this point in time we cant detect if the filename is valid or not2TFTP request has no filename specifiedo1The mode is invalid It should be octet or netascii any mix of upperlower For example it could be oct2TFTP request has mode oct instead of octet or netasciio1The mode is missing2TFTP request has no mode specifiedo1Final 0 byte missing Note that if the first 0 byte is missing wed likely interpret the mode as part of the file name and thus we would think the mode was missing2TFTP request missing final 0 byteo
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