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Systems and Computer Engineering
SYSC 3303
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Question A 17 marks1Give the name of the bug that existed in the TFTP Specification for eight years 1 markThe Sorcerers Apprentice Bug2File quiz5txt containing 2025 bytes is being transfered from the client to the serveroThe first time ACK block 1 is sent the packet is lostoThe first time DATA block 2 is sent the packet is duplicated and both packets arrive one after the otheroThe disk becomes full when writing DATA block 3On a piece of paper clearly labeled with your name and student number draw a timing diagram showing what packets are sent andor received by the client andor server starting with the request packet and ending with the last packet in the transfer Include information on threads andor ports created and destroyed during the transfer For each packet give the packet type and opcode source and destination TID block number if applicable error code if applicable and number of bytes of data if applicable 10 marksDeduct 1 mark for each incorrectmissingextra TFTP packet and deduct 1 mark for each of any missingincorrect TID opcode error code block number data bytes
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