SYSC 3303 Study Guide - Real-Time Computing, Computer Engineering, Natural Disaster

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This exam is 1 hour 15 minutes (75 min) long. There are 5 questions worth 70 marks on 9 pages. You may use the back of each page for rough work. If you continue an answer on the back of a page, indicate that on the front of the page and circle what should be marked. Ensure that your answers fully demonstrate your understanding of the material covered. Do not ask questions during the exam, unless you believe that you have found an error. If you think something about a question is unclear or ambiguous, make a reasonable assumption and answer the question. Question 1. (11 marks, 9 + 2 for each part) Here is a definition of real-time systems studied in the lectures: Example: telephone switch network: a network of telephone switches allowing phone calls to be connected across the country (or around the world). (1 or 2 marks deducted if this is not clear)

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