TSES 3001 Study Guide - Final Guide: Tses, Unintended Consequences, Joseph Coates

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December 14, 2017 field house rows 29-32. Reading notes: kranzberg"s laws of technology, kranzberg"s 1st law. Technology is neither good nor bad, nor is it neutral. Tech developments have environmental, social, and human consequences that go far beyond the immediate purposes of the technical devices and practices themselves. The same tech can have different results when introduced into different contexts. Ddt (pesticide: used to raise agricultural productivity and eliminate disease-carrying pests. Ddt did this successfully: but, ddt threatens ecosystems, western nations banned ddt. India continued using ddt not economically feasible to change to something else for their preferred use (i. e. disease control, not agriculture); death tolls from malaria dropped drastically. Many of our technology-related problems arise b/c of unforeseen consequences when apparently benign technologies are employed on a massive scale: kranzberg"s 2nd law. E. g. tin can first 40 years later, can opener was invented.

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