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Women's and Gender Studies
WGST 1808
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Violent Cultural Practices in the family Honor killings The murder of a woman by her father or brother for engaging in sex outside marriage or being suspected of doing so Acts like such work to maintain male honor by controlling womens sexual conductAll of these violent acts against women are seen as legitimate reasons for protection the status and reputation of a family When a woman is targeting for sexual acts outside of marriageshe may not be killed immediately but she will live in constant fear of death which counts as woman killing or femicide Honor killings are justified by the mans fury of discovering of a womans sexual interaction with another man in which he feels dishonoured Honor killings are a form of gender violence rooted in conceptions of family honor and shame Family honour depends on the bravery and courage of the men and the sexual modesty of women If the women fails to behaves modestly then she brings shame upon the whole family forcing the men to act upon it Women who are raped are also shamed even though they were forced to have sexFor example the case of a girl who was raped by her two brothers ended up giving birth and was subsequently killed by her mother GardenVariety Domestic Violence Erupts from sexual jealousy and anger if a partner is found to be sexually active with someone else The batterer often feels shamed by his apparent lack of control over his partners sexuality and responds with violence Honour killings are presumed to be Islamic however this practice is not supported in Islam Caste Panchayates All male groups that see themselves as guardians of caste interest and honour and operate in parallel with elected states panchayates often seeing themselves as endowed with a divine right to adjudicate marriages that cross the line Zina Intercourse between a man and women that s considered a sin
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