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GNED 135
Holly Pearlman

Sample Practical Exam (Adjusted for Pod 6, as an example) The information below will be tailored for each workgroup. In the example below, it is specific for Lab3. You must adjust the values according to your current workgroup and the Lab Telephone Directory. The home npa of your PBX is 519 (adjust for your PBX__613_________) Workstation user id: setas, password: setas123 The IP address of your PBX is (adjust for your PBX The SAT user id: student, password: stud3nt123 1) Restore and make current a blank set of PBX translations using the following information. a. FTP Host Name: b. FTP User Name: ftpuser c. FTP User Name Password: ftp123 d. Directory: /Pod3/blank (adjust for your PBX /Pod6/blank) 2) Make changes to the dialplan analysis table as required based on the following requirements. 3) a)Using available ports on the MM711 module, add PBX extension sets according to the following requirements: Extension # Name CoR Type 2000 Barack Obama 2 6210/11 2050 Yao Ming 3 6210/11 b) add and make operational IP PBX Extension sets according to the following requirements 2799 Nelson Mandella 3 4602+ 2999 Arnold Stang 2 4602+ 4) Using available ports on the MM711 module, add 1 CO trunk group with 2 members accord
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