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1 The main reasons to set personal marketing objectives are to a Determine what your salary should be b Identify who your main competitors are c Provide direction and a means to control and evaluate your progressd Set out the four Ps for your marketing plan e All of the above 2 Which of the following is not a basis for market segmentation a Demographics b Benefits sought c Purchase behavior d Psychographics e Packaging3 If your goal was to secure a position as a software engineer with Google the most effective target marketing strategy for you to follow would be a Differentiated marketing b Individual marketingc Undifferentiated marketing d Selective marketing e Concentrated marketing 4 For which type of products would the sellers image be of the highest importancea Convenience products b Shopping products c Impulse products d Staples e Specialty products5 You have decided to introduce a new service dog and cat grooming which will be provided in pet owners homes Which development strategy will best suited here a Market development b Product diversification c Market penetration d Product developmente None of the above 6 Marketing is the process of creatingthat satisfy individual and organization goals a Programs b Advertisements c Products d Exchanges e None of the above 7 In early 2000 Citibank a major financial services firm embarked on an innovative project and invested considerable resources to achieve LEEDcertification Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for many of its buildings and branches Separately the company also created a program giving 3000 to each employee who buys a hybridcar These two separate initiatives are illustrative of a Cause marketing b Fair trade c Societal marketing d Public Relations e Green Marketing8 Which of the following would not typically be covered in a market and industry analysis part of a situation analysis a Power of suppliers b Power of buyers c Threat of new entrants d Consumers perception of competitors e Rivalry among competitors 9 Which of the following is not a type of job interview a The behavioral interview b The screening interview c The reference interviewThe assignment interviewde The stress interview 10 To maximize integrated marketing communications IMC synergy and
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