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Concordia University
Business Technology Management
BTM 481
Raul Valverde

________ are rules that squeeze the same audio and video information into Codecs less space. ________ encourages Internet users to reveal sensitive information that could lead to identity theft by sending e-mails that look like they are from C) Phishing legitimate companies but are, in fact, fake. ________ is a term used to refer to various licensing plans that enable copyright holders to grant certain Copyleft rights to the work while retaining other rights. ________ is the act of tricking people into revealing sensitive information and is Phishing often associated with credit card fraud. ________ is the use of equipment to provide voice communications over a Telephony distance. ________ memory is nonvolatile memory used by most MP3 players to Flash expand their storage. ________ occur when a Web site downloads harmful software onto your Drive-by Downloads computer. A ________ is a virus that is attached to documents such as Word or Excel files. B) macro virus A ________ is a virus that is triggered when certain conditions are met, such as a file opening or starting a D) logic bomb program a certain number of times. A ________ works independently of host file execution and is much more active in C) worm spreading itself than a virus is. A portable media player can play files with all of the following file extensions EXCEPT A) .doc ________. B. type of memory in which data is NOT retained if the power source islash Memory A lost Momory Stick D C. type of memory in which data is retained if the power source is lostatile memory B D. memory specifically used by Sony devices Non volatile memory C A. a program that renders your computer files unusable by compressing theWorm B an infectionto travel between systems through network connections toComputer Virus D C. a virus that changes its own code to avoid detection D. a program that attaches itself to another program and attempts to spreadion Virus C itself to other computers through the exchange of files Polymorphic Virus A A(n) ________ backs up only the files on a computer that have changed since the Incremental backup last time a backup was performed. A(n) ________ is a lightweight, portable device that has no cell phone features, but allows you to carry Internet tablet files, music, and videos and provides Internet services. A(n) ________ is included in a cell phone to handle the compression of data for it to be quickly C) digital signal processor transmitted to another phone. A(n) ________ is the portion of virus code that is unique to a particular B) virus signature computer virus. A(n) ________ virus temporarily erases its code from the files where it resides and then hides in Stealth active memory of the computer. All computers connected to the Internet have a unique address referred to as a(n) Internet Protocol Address ________. An advanced version of SMS is ________, which allows you to send video and pictures in addition to MMS text to other phones or e-mail addresses A) converts the sound waves from a An analog-to-digital converter chip voice into digital signals Another name for short message service (SMS) is ________. Text messaging Broadcasting your video to a live audience over the Web is referred to as D) webcasting ________. Cell phones do not require special service providers to connect to the Internet False Connecting your cell phone to the Internet requires that you have a(n) Wireless Service Provider ________. Current testing of ________ networks in two cities promises mobile connection 4G speeds of up to 100 Mbps. Digital camera resolution is Megapixels measured in ________. Ensuring that two devices, for example, a PC and a cell phone or smartphone, have the same files is tB) synchronizing process of ________. Files saved in the Microsoft video file format have an extension of .avi or .wmv ________. Flash memory, used by most MP3 B) nonvolatile memory players, is a type of ________. GPS stands for ________. Global Positioning System Hackers who use their knowledge to break into systems just for the challenge of it White-hat refer to themselves as ________ hackers. If your IP address is always the same, Static you have a(n) ________ address. LogMeIn is an example of a B) remote access service for mobile ________. devices configured as firewalls and are capable of performing network addr
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