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Business Technology Management
BTM 481
Raul Valverde

CHAPTER 4 APPLICATION SOFTWARE PROGRAMS THAT LET YOU WORK AND PLAYMultiple Choice1The productivity software category includes all of the following EXCEPTAword processingBperipheral device managementCpersonal information managementDspreadsheetAnswer BReference More Productivity at HomeDifficulty Easy 2All of the following are examples ofword processing software EXCEPTAMicrosoft ExcelBMicrosoft WordCCorel WordPerfectDWriterAnswer AReference Word Processing SoftwareDifficulty Easy3Microsoft Excel and Lotus 123 are examples ofsoftwareAword processingBspreadsheetCdatabaseDpresentationAnswer BReference Spreadsheet SoftwareDifficulty Moderate Copyright2008 PrenticeHall All rights reserved1Chapter 4 Application Software Program That Let You Work and Play4To save an existing file with a new name or to a new location you should use thecommandASaveBSave and ReplaceCNew FileDSave AsAnswer DReference Bits and Bytes Whats the Difference Between Save and Save As Difficulty Easy5In a spreadsheet the columns and a rows form individual boxes calledAintersectsBaddressesCcellsDworksheetsAnswer CReference Spreadsheet SoftwareDifficulty Easy6The cell address C5 indicates that the cellAcontains a label value of C5Bis at row 5 column C of the worksheetCis at row C column 5 of the worksheetDis performing a calculation involving a variable called CAnswer BReference Spreadsheet SoftwareDifficulty Moderate7In a spreadsheet equations you build yourself using mathematical operators along with values and cell references are calledAformulasBfunctionsCcalculationsDvaluesAnswer AReference Spreadsheet SoftwareDifficulty ModerateCopyright2008 PrenticeHall All rights reserved2
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