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Business Technology Management
BTM 481
Raul Valverde

CHAPTER 3 USING THE INTERNETMultiple Choice1The Internet isaan internal communication system for a businessba large network of networksca communication system for the US governmentdAll of the aboveAnswer BReference The Internet Difficulty Easy2The Internet has its roots in a project started by athe US militarybhigher educationca corporationda notforprofit organizationAnswer AReference The Internet Difficulty Easy3The term Internet backbone refers toathe software that operates a Web serverbthe main pathway of highspeed communications lines through which all Internet traffic flowsca broadband Internet connectionda set of numbers comprising an Internet addressAnswer BReference Finding an Internet Service ProviderDifficulty Moderate4All of the following are ways to communicate on the Internet EXCEPTCopyright2008 PrenticeHall All rights reserved 1ainstant messagingbemailchyperlinksdchat roomsAnswer CReference Communicating Through the Internet Email and Other Technologies Difficulty Easy5All of the following are media players EXCEPTaQuickTimebWindows Media PlayercRealPlayerdIndiePodderAnswer DReference PodcastsDifficulty Moderate6One of the more recent email scams which lures Internet users into revealing personal information is referred to asaphishingbflamingcbloggingdpopupsAnswer AReference Phishing and Internet HoaxesDifficulty Moderate7Software such as viruses worms and Trojan horses that has a malicious intent is known asaspywarebadwarecspamdmalwareAnswer DReference MalwareDifficulty Moderate8Which of the following is NOT a type of broadband Internet connectionCopyright2008 PrenticeHall All rights reserved 2
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