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Business Technology Management
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BTM 481

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TOPICQuiz 1 CRT is an acronym for crystal ray tubecathode ray tube cathode read tube1clear read tubeNone of aboveBit is short for kilobytebinary digit byte2megabyteNone of aboveColorprinters have separate toner cartridges for each color thermalflatbed dotmatrix3laserNone of aboveAlthough not an ideal solution if you choose to buy software through online auction sites such as eBay you can avoid software piracy by making sure that the software is a legal licensed copy the seller has a good return policy4you purchase the newest version of the softwarethe software is unopenedNone of aboveWhich of the following is NOT an advantage of laser printers They require less memory than inkjet printersWhen paper and ink costs are considered they are cheaper than inkjet printers They offer higherquality printouts5They are faster than inkjet printersNone of aboveAdobe InDesign is an example ofsoftware desktop publishingvideoediting computeraided design6drawingNone of aboveThe drawing program Visio can be used to create all of the following EXCEPT technical drawingsproject schedules engineering flowcharts7threedimensional modelsNone of above
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