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BTM 481

Benefits of Calculating Student Grades through ExcelThe benefits of computing student grades through Excel as opposed to doing it manually are countless First of all Excel allows you to enter related data in organized and easytouse spreadsheets and workbooks that can contain up to 16384 columns and 1048576 rows Excel is therefore perfect for recording large amounts of data conveniently as opposed to recording that data on paper Paper files can be easy to damage or lose and are hard to organize However through Excel data is easy to locate using Excels cell address or Go to option as well as easy to filter and sort using Excels filtering and sorting tools If student grades are recorded on Excel as opposed to on paper files they are therefore easier to manage and preserve These Excel files can also be backed up to prevent loss of information which can be dramatic for a teacher in the case of student results They can also be sent quickly and efficiently to anyone needing access to this information as opposed to carrying piles of paper from one office or building to another Also by keeping this information electronic as opposed to on paper less paper will be wasted which is better for the preservation of the environmentSecond Excel makes calculations such as weighted average average and median of the group final grade easy errorfree and fast Excel allows you to enter formulas or use the included functions to perform a variety of useful calculations Even if one does not know how the desired result ex an average Excels Once the input needed for the calculation has been typed in Excel functions and formulas can automatically calculate the result reducing the margin of human error and the time necessary to accomplish these tasks When using absolute relative or mixed cell references as well as Auto Fill properly formulas and functions automatically calculate the results needed without the need to constantly reenter the correct inputs This way once a formula is set to generate a certain result ex the average of a student down a column usin
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