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DESC 200 NotesModule 1 Chapter 2Functions of a computeroGather dataoProcesses data into informationoOutputs data or informationoStores data and informationBIOS Basic Input Output SystemData Uncategorized random bits of informationInformation Organized bits of data1 Byte8 Bits Binary digitsoif 8 bits are put together there are 256 possible combinationsApplication software programs meant for the userSystem software Software used by the computer to allow all to function properlyQWERTY keyboardoIs the first 6 keys on the keyboard oOriginally designed for typewriters not computers oMeant to slow people down Prevent the machine from jamming Dvorak keyboardoMost common English words can be typed with the keys around the home keys middle row keys oReduces the distance of finger stretches MiceoOptical MouseNeeds no mouse pad Doesnt need cleaning Is more expensiveTrackballoEasier on wristsoStays stationary on desk Note Wireless mice send data to the computer by radio or light wavesEPOS Digital Pen write with the pen then transfer to USB then to digital textMicrophonesoUnidirectional Pick up sound from one direction only oOmnidirectional Pick up sounds from all directions Uses oPodcastsoVideoConferencingoInternet phone callsoSpeech recognitionInput devices for Physically ChallengedoVisually impaired users
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