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Business Technology Management
BTM 481

1Facebook is a safe area Limit Access2Which of the following can be classified as unintentional threats None of the above3Which tool in excel enables you to copy the contentsAutoFill4What is a multipartite virus A virus that is designed to infect multiple file types in an effort to fol5What is a polymorphicvirus A virus that changes it own code to avoid detection6What command allows you to conceal a rowcolum in a spreadsheet HideUnhide7Which of the following is not a way to change the name of a worksheetRenaming the excel file in your my documents folder8What is another way to protect your computer from viruses other thanMaintaining your Operating system up to date through updates9A program file iswhile a data file is used by programs when executed files with important data regarding your system10Cookies arethat some web sites automatically store onwhen you visit themsmall text files your com
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