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Concordia University
Business Technology Management
BTM 481

MODULE 1CHAPTER 2UNDERSTANDING YOUR COMPUTERComputers are Data Processing DevicesComputer A data processing device that performs 4 major functions 1 gathers data or allows users to input data 2 it processes that data into information 3 it outputs data and information 4 it stores data and informationData vs InfoData representation of a fact figure or ideaword picture recording alone this stuff doesnt mean muchInfo data thats been organized or presented in a meaningful wayBits and BytesLanguage of ComputersBinary Language what computers useit consists of only 2 digits 0 and 1 Everything a comp does is broken down into 0s or 1s Each 0 or 1 is a binary digitbit 8 bits1byte Each lettersymbol on a comp is made of a unique combo of 8 bits Bits and Bytes also used for when files or apps are made of a largeof bits and bytes we measure the size with units larger than a byte kilobyte megabyte gigabyte terabyte petabyte Exabyte zettabyteHow does a comp process Bits and BytesHardware any part of the comp you can physically touchSoftware set of comp programs that allows the hardware to perform different taks Application Software the set of comp programs you use to help carry out tasks like writing a paper editing a photo etcSystem Software set of programs that lets your comps hardware devices and app software to work together Most common type is the operating system OS which controls the way your comp system functions manages the hardware such as monitor and printer and lets users interact with the comp HardwareNotebooklaptop portable powered on batteriesoutlet has keyboard a monitor and other devices integrated into a single compact caseNetbook small lightweight notebook larger battery life than notebookTablet PC like notebook but has touch screen that can swivel and fold flat uses a stylus pen or fingersDesktop stationary has separate case that houses the main componentsPeripheral devices devices like monitor or keyboard thats connected to compAllinone houses not only just processor and memory but also monitor
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