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CHEM 208

Know all these like ACGIH TLV CFCSSRI ACGIH American Conference of Governmental Industrial HygienistsTLVThreshold Limit ValueTWATimeWeighted AverageVOCsVolatile Organic Compounds NAFTANorth American Free Trade Agreement IRPTC International Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information SystemMSDS stands for Material Safety Data SheetHAARTHighly active antiretroviral therapythreedrug cocktail treatment for AIDSOTCmeans over the counterSSRISelective serotonin reuptake inhibitorsCFC Chlorofluorocarbon47110 ppm 10 ppbconversionNg3 H g2 NH g2 23molar mass of ethanol CHOH4606 gmol25d stmskmhr3 1 cm1 ml6Micro1g1 x 10 g 9 gNANO1 n g1 x 10 B SI Ge As Sb Teare metalloid643The largest vol of these is10 L1000 mL 1010 L1010 cm Chemicals causing malformation in newborns are TeratogenicChemicals causing changes in DNA are known as Mutagens3A concentration of 210 ppm for a gas in air is equal210102A concentration of 510 ppb for a gas in air is equal 51010 ppm Based upon TLVTWA which poses the most riskanswer is the least4 Sulfur dioxide 2 ppm Carbon monoxide 2510 ppb4Ozone 100 ppb Nitrogen dioxide 3010 6A worker is repeatedly exposed to a concentration of 25010 ppb of a substance If the TLVTWA for the substance is 250 ppm is it a safe work environment for the worker6 Yes No why 25010 ppb2500 ppm250 ppm
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