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COMM 210 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hair Dryer, Space Heater, Air Purifier

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COMM 210
Guy Barbeau
Study Guide

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Midterm 210
1) Chandler:
Dyson follows Bombardier (based on an invention, international, related
Economies of scale
Economies of scope: The technology Dyson develops means they’ll inevitably
spread into other products. They can use the same resources to create a variety of
First mover: Dyson became a company known for its quality, high-end vacuums
that competitors rushed to emulate.
Related diversification: expansion into other product markets hand dryers, fans,
hair dryers, etc.
- Pure Cool combines a fan, a space heater and an air purifier
- Supersonic is a high tech hair dryer that marks the company’s entry into the health
and beauty markets
- Intent to become a first mover in the battery development industry
Innovation: while Dyson is not a first mover in the health and beauty markets, the
innovation behind the Supersonic can make them such. Dyson is also investing $3
billion in research for the 40 new products it has under development.
- 360 Eye, a robot vacuum that spent 17 years in development
2) Greiner: Growth is not inevitable. The company does not focus on growth and is
happy with its size
3) Barney:
Valuable: The value of resources can change due to technology, but because Dyson
innovates all of its technology, it is always at a competitive advantage. This new
technology is what allows Dyson to exploit growth and expansion opportunities.
The technology it creates can be applied to other products, and used to create other
Rare: Dyson became a company known for its quality, high-end vacuums that
competitors rushed to emulate. Because Dyson is a first mover in high quality and
high tech household products, its challengers do not possess the same resources and
capabilities to produce such products.
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