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Final Exam Crash ReviewChandlerManagerial enterprisegrowthoRelated diversificationEconomies of scaleEconomies of scopeoFirst moverRDInternational marketing and distributionManagement structureEconomies of scope and scale as wellChandler states that once the first mover opportunity is lost it hard to take advantage of that Unrelated diversification is a poor strategyA firm must invest in order to enjoy long term success and growthGreinerFive key dimensions of organizational developmentoAgeoSizeoPhases of evolutionoPhases of revolution crisesoGrowth rate of industryThe growth rate of the industry affects how quickly a firm goes through the phasesPhases of EvolutionPhases of RevolutionCreativity Leadership Company tries to innovateAs an organization grows you need a structure in the company and some managers transition and others have trouble stepping downDirection AutonomyOrganization will become a lot more centralizedHire management team to solve previous crisisDelegation ControlDecentralizationTop managers want to know whats going Giving a lot more power to regional onmanagers
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