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COMM 217

NoticeAll the information used for this analysis were taken from the Audited Financial thStatements released on February 29 2008 for the year 2007 attached to our assignment We chose the copy available on Sedar and everytime an input is used it is put in parenthesis italic The page numbers on our assignment refers to the ones used in the statements attached to this work Please also take note that all amounts used for this assignement are in thousands of dollars except when specifically mentionnedChapter 1 7 marks11Provide a brief description of the company and indicate the type of products it sells andor the services it providesSunRype is a company based in Kelowna British Columbia founded in 1946 It specialises in fruit juices and fruit snacks Moreover it is Canadas largest juicesnacks made out of fruits manufacturer 12On what day of the year does its fiscal year endstThe fiscal year ended on December 31 2007 13For how many years does the company present completefor the financial statementsabalance sheets 2007 2006 p14bincome statements 2007 2006p15ccash flow statements 2007 2006p16for the overall finiancial statements available to the public and to its investors abalance sheets 2004 to 2007 bincome statements 2004 to 2007dcash flow statements 2004 to 200714Are its financial statements audited by independent auditors If so by whomYes it was also audited by DeloutteTouche LLP which are charteredaccountants located in British Colombia The audited financial statement was thsubmitted on February 28 2008p1315Did the companys total assets increase or decrease over the last year and by how much The total assets decreased between the year 2007 and 2006 by2563 p14Calculation5944756884256316Did the companys net income increase or decrease over the last year and by how much For this year we can see that the net income increased between 2007 and 2006 In fact the net income increased of 3015 in the span of one yearp14Calculation22325193103015
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