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COMM 222 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Absenteeism, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, MotivationPremium

4 pages241 viewsWinter 2017

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COMM 222
Tony Bongiorno
Study Guide

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COMM 222 Midterm Exam Study Guide
Chapters 2-6
Chapter 2: Personality and Learning
How personality influences organizational behavior
The Five-factor model
Locus of control
What is learning? and what people learn in organizations
Social cognitive theory
Operant learning (this includes reinforcement, punishment etc.)
Chapter 3: Perception & Attribution
Components of perception
The perceptual process
Perceptual biases
Attribution theory
Person perception & diversity
Chapter 4: Values, Attitudes & Work Behaviour
What are Values?
Attitudes & Job Satisfaction
The causes and consequences of job satisfaction and organizational commitment
Chapter 5: Theories of Work Motivation
What is motivation and what does it include?
Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
Expectancy, equity and goal setting
Mclellands needs theory.
How does motivation impact work performance?
Chapter 6: Motivation in Practice
Money as a motivator
Job design, job enrichment, & job characteristics model
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