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chp 10Decision making problemsolving process of developing a commitment to some course of action well structured problems solved with programs which simply standardize problemsillstructured problems combination of an unclear existing state an unclear desired state or unclear methods to get from 1 state to anotherunique non recurrentrequire nonprogrammed decision making using rational modelRational decision making model includes 1problem identification2information search3development if alternative solution4evaluation of alternatives5choice of the best alternative6implementation7ongoing evaluation of the implementation alternativeeconomic maximization imaginary perfect decision maker has freeeasy access to all relevant info processes it accurately for a single ultimate goal bounded reality Real decision makers do not have freeeasy access to info human mind has limited info processing capacity is susceptible to variety of cognitive biases economic gain outweighed by time constraintspolitical considerationssatisfice choose solution that is good enough rather than maximizeframing aspects of presentation of info about a pblm that are assumed by decision makerscould include assumptions about boundaries of a prblm possible outcomes of decision or reference points used to decide if a decision is successfulcognitive biases tendencies to acquireprocess info in a particular way that is prone to error constitutes assumptionsshortcuts that can improve decision making efficiency frequently leads to serious errors in judgement
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