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COMM 222

Chapter 2Personality and Learning What is personalityRelatively stable psychological characteristicsoStable throughout growth kidteenadultoHard to change a personalityThat influence how individuals interact with their environmentWhat is not part of personalityMorals attitudes beliefs valuesCultureUpbringing MoodWhat determines behaviourPersonality dispositional viewThe environment situational viewBoth interactionist viewoWhen environment is ambiguous personality is more likely to shine throughWhats your personality profileUse the word personality inventory instead of personality test no correct answerThe Big Five dimensions are independent from one another Crosscultural evidence suggests that these big five traits are stable across cultures Some of these traits are related to job performance could be asked to do a personality inventory during an interviewConscientiousness oHigher end person who is likely to be neat and organized likely to be hardworking persistent likely to be achievement orientedoLower end more impulsive disorganized need a push to get startedAgreeablenessoHigher end helpful altruistic sympathetic to others trust others will help them in returnoLower end antagonistic thrive on confrontation as opposed to cooperation competitive colder towards othersNeuroticism emotional stabilityoLower end react calmly to situations even tempered easier time coping with stressful situationsoHigher end anxiety depressed selfconscious vulnerableOpenness to experienceoIncludes openness to learning and experienceoHigh end being interested in new ideas situations things being imaginative creative adventurousoLow end prefer routine comfort of known environments prefer concrete events and activitiesExtraversionoHigher end enjoy being surrounded by people outgoing active and talkative in social situationsoLower end prefers and values one on one relationships vs large groups independent values time aloneDo the Big 5 MatterTask performance oconscientiousness matters the mostoextraversion sales politicsextraverted oagreeableness for service jobsOrganizational citizenship behaviouroconscientiousnessCounterproductive work behaviouroLack of conscientiousness
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