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Chapter 11Ethics4 Ethics in OrganizationsEthics systematic thinking about the moral consequences of decisionsMoral consequences can be framed in terms of potential for harm to any stakeholders in the decision Stakeholders are people inside or outside of an organization who have the potential to be affected by organizational decisionsResearch on Ethics in Organizations a large majority agree that unethical practices occur in business a substantial portion 4090 report that they have been pressured to compromise their own ethical standards when making organizational decisions managers see themselves as having higher ethical standards than their peers and sometimes their superiorsCommon Theme of Ethical Issues that Managers FaceHonest communicationEvaluate subordinates candidly advertise and label honestly do not slant proposals to senior managementFair treatmentPay equitably respect the sealed bid process do not give preference to suppliers with political connections do not use lowerlevel people as scapegoatsSpecial considerationfair treatment standard can be mod
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