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COMM 226FINAL EXAM REVIEWCOMM226FINALEXAMREVIEW1CHAPTER1THEIMPORTANCEOFMIS3NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS3ESSAYQUESTIONS5CHAPTER2BUSINESSPROCESSESINFORMATIONANDINFORMATIONSYSTEMS9NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS9ESSAYQUESTIONS10CHAPTER3ORGANIZATIONALSTRATEGYINFORMATIONSYSTEMSANDCOMPETITIVEADVANTAGE14NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS14ESSAYQUESTIONS16CHAPTER4HARDWAREANDSOFTWARE20NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS20ESSAYUESTIONS22QCHAPTER5DATABASEPROCESSING26NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS26ESSAYUESTIONS28QCHAPTER6DATACOMMUNICATIONS32NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS32ESSAYQUESTIONS34CHAPTER7BUSINESSPROCESSMANAGEMENT38NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS38ESSAYQUESTIONS40CHAPTER8ECOMMERCEWEB20ANDSOCIALNETWORKING46NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS46ESSAYQUESTIONS48CHAPTER9BUSINESSINTELLIGENCEANDINFORMATIONSYSTEMSFORDECISIONMAKING52NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS52ESSAYQUESTIONS54CHAPTER10INFORMATIONSYSTEMSDEVELOPMENT58NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS58Experiencing MIS 3e Kroenke ESSAYQUESTIONS60CHAPTER11INFORMATIONSYSTEMSMANAGEMENT64NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS64ESSAYQUESTIONS66CHAPTER12INFORMATIONSECURITYMANAGEMENT70NOTESFROMMULTIPLECHOICEQUESTIONS70ESSAYQUESTIONS722Experiencing MIS 3e Kroenke Chapter 1 The Importance of MISNotes from Multiple Choice QuestionsThe number of transistors per square inch on an integrated chip doubles every 18 months This observation is known as Moores LawAs a result of Moores Law the price to performance ratio of computers has fallen dramaticallyBecause of Moores Law the cost of data communications and data storage is essentially zeroThe cost of data storage is so low that it is essentially freeBecause the cost of data storage and data communications is essentially zero any routine skill will be outsourced to the lowest bidderIn todays world skills such as tax accounting and computer programming no longer guarantee job security What is the reason for thisThey are routine skills which can and will be outsourced to the lowest bidderPeter is an engineer working in the United States In accordance with Moores Law which of the following is a nonroutine cognitive skill that would provide him with job security Systems thinkingModeling system components and showing how components inputs and outputs relate to one another is attributable to systems thinkingCreating and testing promising new alternatives consistent with available resources is an example of experimentationAbstract reasoning is the ability to make and manipulate modelsSystems thinking is the ability to model the components of a unit to connect the inputs and outputs among those components into a sensible whole that reflects the structure and dynamics of the phenomenon observedCollaboration is the activity of two or more people working together to achieve a common goal result or work productIn a job interview you are asked to make a group presentation with four other interviewees You are required to form a team and then compete with other groups to win the presentation contest Which of the following skills is your interviewer trying to test CollaborationPatricia is the marketing manager at a manufacturing firm She develops ideas and plans with her subordinates and provides and receives critical feedback Here Patricia is displaying collaboration skills3
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