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Chapter 6 EMISNETWORK AND COLLABORATIONWhen connected to network u r part of functioning networkNetworks allow you to send and receive email browse web pages stored across the globe download audio and video files and even talk to friends using the telephonecolCollaboration when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal result or product involves coordination and collaborationEffective col col resultindividual resultCOLLABORATIONCommunication skill communication system content managementworkflowNetwork effectLarger people use network more valuable network becomeNetwork grow faster when it hit critical mass Network growth leads to congestion problems or the market may become saturatedA computer network is a collection of computers that communicate with oneaanother over transmission mediaTransmission media 2 kind1 physical media copper cable and optical fibre 2wireless media transmitting light or radioNetwork 3 kind1LAN connected between single physical site2WANmultiple
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