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COMM 226

explain the role of biology in the discipline of psychologydescribe how biological psychology helps us understand phenomena like loveidentify the parts of a neurondescribe the process of neuronal communicationcompare and contrast graded potentials versus all or none responsesImage sensed by your eye triggered neuronsNeurons fired to visual cortex to perceive shapesto association cortex to figure out what shapes areNeurons fired to amygdalafeel fearNeurons fired to hypothalamusautonomic NS response increased heart rateNeurons fired in prefrontal cortexcontrolled thoughts Wait a second its only an image calm downBrain regions especially activeIn romantic partner condition onlyReward processing regionsAmygdala limbic system parts of prefrontal cortexConclusionWhen viewing image of romantic partner while in pain activation of neural reward systems and lower selfreported painIf we want to understand people we have to understand their biology tooExcitatoryTransmitter substance excites postsynaptic neuronsMore likely to fireInhibitory Transmitter substance inhibits postsynaptic neuronLess likely to fireActivation of the cell body must meet a threshold to fireOnce threshold is reached fires down whole axon All or noneList and describe key points about major neurotransmittersList and describe the key functions of the major brain parts including what would happen if they were damagedDescribe the effects of severing the corpus callosumResting potential70 mvAP electrical impulses that travles down the axons and allow neurons to communicatesNeurotransmitter chemical messengers specialized for communication and released after synapseAbsolute refractory period ap is impossibleCategory TypeNTs NameKey facts to rememberMonoaminesNorepinephrineLow levels in mood disordersIncreases attention to environmentMonoaminesDopamineInvolved in movement attention learning reinforcementLow levelsParkinsons Very high levels related to schizophrenia eg hallucinations play a role in moving and rewardMonoaminesSerotoninLow levels in mood disordersRegulation mood eating sleep arousal pain
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