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COMM 226 BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENTCh 1 Information SystemsYou EMISINFORMATION SYSTEMSInformation System a group of components that interact to produce information All information systems comprise a fivecomponent framework ofComputer Hardware the electrical components and associated gadgetry that constitute a computer systemSoftware programsapplications that run or operate on computer systemsData the basic building blocks of information ie factsobservationsProcedures instructions or processes that one follows to achieve objectivesPeople actors who want to achieve a particular outcome by interacting with the systemMANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMSManagement Information Systems MIS comprises the development and use of information systems that help organizations achieve their goals and objectivesOne must take an active role in order to ensure that system will meet their needs Understand how they are constructed Consider the users needs during development Learn how to employ the system Take into account other important functions like security backuprecovery Information systems are used to help organizational actors achieve their goals and must be developed for the right reasons Always ask What is the purpose How does this help us achieve our goals IT VS ISInformation Technology IT represents raw technology components of IS and it only concerns hardware software and data components IT refers to methods inventions standards and products IT can help an organization only when it is embedded into an IS IT must be combined with people and procedure componentsIMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS IN THE ECONOMY The InformationCommunications Technology sector includes companies involved in softwarecomputer services cableother program distributors telecommunication services ICT manufacturing and ICT wholesalingSome of the basic IS areEMailWeb PagesWord Processors SpreadsheetsPowerPointUsing Cell PhonesInstantMessaginglocationbased services on their smart phones To be effective in todays economy you need more than the basics Business professionals need to expand their knowledge to include the followingUse of mobile devices and applicationsUse of projectmanagement softwareMicrosoft Project OpenProjectBusiness graphicsMS Visio SmartDrawCollaborative systems such as Google DocsSHAPE OF THINGS TO COME Moores Law noted that the density of circuits on an integrated chip was doubling approximately every two years or so This prediction has been generally accurate for more than 40 years Moores Law is one of the few predictions in area of IT that has really stood the test of time The cost of computers has declined over the past 55 years or the same amount of money can buy increased computer capacity David Ticoll suggested that within the next decadeUnlimited storage will be almost freeAnalytical software will reveal hidden treasuresThe real and virtual world will collide as widearea networks become cheap reliable and widely availableThese technology trends will enable deep powerful performanceenhancing innovations that will be felt in almost every industryCh 4 HardwareSoftware EMISHISTORY OF IT The first digital computing devices were invented in the 1940s The first commercial computers were available in the 1950s and the first PCs in the 1980sEarly Computers 19391952 Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer It was very large complex and expensiveOnly a single usercould operate and only one program run at a timeMainframes 1952Present First digital computerslarge roomsized devices Mainly used by business and government 1st generation vacuum tube technology 2nd generation transistors 3rd generation operating systemsmultiprocessingMicrocomputers 1975Present Integrated circuits Small microprocessorsThese microcomputers had monitors keyboards portable floppy disks and softwareNetworking Personal Computers 1985 Present Local Area Networks LANs Linking many personal computers together Shared access to data printers and other peripheral devices Wide Area Networks WANs the Internet email web browsingMobileTablet Computing 1990s PresentEVOLUTION OF TECH WHATS IMPORTANT PricePerformance Advances Small is powerful the 3 main components of the computer the processor the memorythe storage have all been getting smaller and costing less Network is The Thing the value of IT is also measured in the power of the network that can be accessed through the machineHARDWAREHardware consists of electronic components and related gadgetry that input process output and store data according to instructions encoded in computer programs or software Basic hardware categories Input keyboard touchscreen barcode scanner microphonescameras Processing CPU which works with the RAMOutput displaymonitor printers and speakersStorage hard drive optical disks flash or solidstate device memory SSD ie USB special function cards ie graphics or video cards
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