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Concordia University
COMM 305

FinalExam1 CHANDLER a major claimin order to reduce costs managerial enterprises must combine Economies of Scopebigger your plant the cheaper your cost Economies of Scalesame raw materials for one product For firms to benefit form these economies they must Keep the flow of materials Marketing distributions must be created Lower and middle management is requiredsize and diversity is not enough to grow 2 investments must be made 1 Companies have to create nationalinternational marketingdistribution org2 Companies have to hire top managementlowermiddle mang to coordinate the flow of productsif you can get both of these points the company is called a first mover first movers have big advantages because of their lead in the market share b secondary claim once a firm loses the opportunity of being a first mover it is difficult to gain comp advantage companies that do not make investments to cannot have long term successinvest in research and development growth through unrelated diversification is a poor strategybeing too large of a company is a disadvantage dont diversify out of your field
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